An on-campus experience like no other, across 2 floors and 1600 sq. metres of space we have 150 iMacs, collaboration and relaxation spaces. 


The journey to 42 Adelaide was brought about by Louise Nobes, CEO of KIK Innovation Ltd a non-for-profit organisation that owns 42 Adelaide. KIK Innovation's philosophy is that great minds are everywhere and removing the barriers to education unlocks people's potential. Since 2016, KIK Innovation has used an entrepreneurial and innovation mindset to create employment pathways for many. The natural alignment of KIK's and 42's philosophy is a dynamic one. Here is our 2020-2021 Annual Report that showcases the achievement of our students who have embraced this education model and our partners, staff and board who believe in us.


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We believe everyone should have access to the best education, that everyone can be great and that the world of tomorrow needs to be shaped by everyone from all corners of society.

Lousie profile CEO KIK Innovation / 42 Adelaide

Louise Nobes

CEO and Founder

"When I first learned of 42, I believed it represented what KIK Innovation strives to achieve but at a global scale. Great minds are everywhere and 42 is 'altruism' brought into reality. Starting my career as a social worker and then as I moved into education, entrepreneurship, and business, I was still searching for solutions that removed some of the greatest barriers to education for disadvantaged young people. 42 is a great solution to unlocking the potential in anyone"   

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Annette Reid

Programming Study Lead

"What I love about what 42 Adelaide offers, is the opportunity for people to create their own future in their own way. My journey to working in the tech industry came about in a nontraditional way, and I believe that the very different style of learning that 42 delivers, will give our students alternative routes into the tech industry that weren’t available in previous educational settings. I will be working alongside students to make their goals a reality and I am passionate about sharing my skills and knowledge and watching young people reach their full potential."

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Jazz Stone

Head of Partnerships

"42 presents a groundbreaking education model that has high appeal to younger generations and on the flip side it offers businesses the opportunity to work with students prior to employment, which ensures the future hire is the right fit, I just love it! I am thrilled to be part of the team working with our partners to deliver meaningful engagements with the community. And also to be part of a historical shift in education."  


Nat Renna

Head of Marketing

"I’ve always been passionate about education with a strong belief that if you can take away the barriers that limit the progression of education and knowledge for disadvantaged youth, they can achieve incredible things. 42’s Free Tuition model is breaking those barriers and creating a pathway for our future leaders to really shine. “


Melinda Ho

Student Engagement and Wellbeing Officer

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Julie Browne

Manager, Finance & Administration

"Having worked in the education sector for much of my career I have witnessed the dynamic challenges that the explosion in the tech sector has had on the traditional education pathways in the sector.  


Industries are crying out for coding talent now and 42 Adelaide provides the solution to matching employer needs with students from all walks of life. Completely free, 42’s disruptive education model removes the barriers to education and unlocks people’s potential to be their best.  


I’m very proud to be associated with such an epic organisation and together with the rest of our team love to witness our students progress along the 42 pathway to become the best tech talent in Australia and globally."


Jade Halfpenny

Office Administrator


42 was founded in Paris in 2013 by tech entrepreneur Xavier Niel. 

Since then, our 42 Network has grown to over 10'000 students from more than 42 campuses across 20 countries.

Our network has 100% employability for graduating students.

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