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No matter where you come from, where you want to go and what drives you: 42 Adelaide aims to educate the next generation of software engineers.

Zero tuition fees, zero teachers, zero classes, 100% coding.

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The Admission Process


Online Test

Register through our Apply platform and complete our online game-based test. Our test is all about logic and problem solving, with no coding experience required.


Attend an introduction session

Come and visit us at our 42 Adelaide campus or join us online, where you will get a tour of our campus, meet the team, hear from some of our students, meet other applicants like you and learn about the education model.


Attend 28 day Piscine

The Piscine is an intensive 4-week Bootcamp where you learn coding, teamwork, and about 42. It is the most challenging part of the process. You will be immersed into an environment where you are driven to research and share knowledge to solve problems you do not (yet) know how to solve. It is intense, amazing and unforgettable experience and after this month you know for sure whether 42 is for you.


Start your studies

Congratulations! If you mastered the Piscine, you can join 42 and your free education. At 42 your first projects are designed to build on the knowledge that you have acquired during the Piscine and start you on your way to your writing your future in code.

Why 42 Adelaide?

What make us different?

Learning to code should not be limited to a small group of privileged people: only in diversity of profiles and forces will the world of IT move forward. This is why we want to make access to 42 as inclusive as possible and without the boundaries that usually limit access to higher education. 42 Adelaide is tuition-free, with no prerequisites and no age limit as long as you are over 16 years of age.

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42 is structured to help you become resourceful without depending on teachers or lecturers, by learning from and with your peers.


At 42 Adelaide, diversity and inclusion are more than just words. Each person is unique, and diversity is a strength both during training and in the job market.


This playful learning approach offers a motivational and entertaining environment, anchored in the thematic of gaming.


The curriculum consists of real-world problems that are solved by unleashing creativity, overcoming practical challenges, and working on hands-on projects.


42 is about learning to learn: being able to catch up with new technologies without having to retrain.


The campuses are open 24/7 and the curriculum can adapt to the life of each student.

Ready to see if you can swim?

During your Piscine month at 42 Adelaide, each day is different. The relentless pace lets you challenge yourself to get better every day. Are you ready for a month of self-discovery while learning to code?