The 42 Adelaide Campus is open 24/7 and designed to be accessible and inclusive to all. Never written a line of code in your life? It doesn't matter, the only criteria to apply to 42 Adelaide is to be at least 16 years old. Besides that, and regardless of what you have achieved to date, if you want to code your future, 42 is open for you.


Offering the best

Everything is ready and at your disposal at 42, so you don’t need to bring your own hardware.

The building is designed so students can work in the best possible environment. The entire campus and environment is laid out with open spaces that support contact, exchange and mutual aid among members of the community at all times.

More Than 150 iMacs

A bold choice, driven by several factors: the low energy consumption of these computers, their modularity for development, their toughness and their beauty.


No surprise here: we care deeply about our internet connection! All students benefit from the best connection there is thanks to a dedicated fiber network providing wifi all over the campus.

Global support

With more than 50 campuses around the globe, 42 Adelaide has international support from other campuses.