Do I get a certificate of completion?

Yes. During your journey on 42, you will build your personal portfolio to get you started in your career and receive a 42 certification that is valued by over thousands of our hiring partners around the world. In Australia, you will also be able to enrol with our RTO partner to receive a Diploma of Information Technology after completing the "fundamentals", which is the first part of the curricula. This will also be free for Australian Citizens and eligible visa holders, contact us to find out more.

How does 42 prepare me for work in the digital world?

42 will not teach you how to solve a specific problem or how to use a tool. At 42 you will learn to learn, how to understand the tools you are using. After 42, you will be able to solve complex problems, because you will be used to think critically, seek, and share knowledge. We understand that technology changes very quickly and that it is more important for you to be able to keep your skills relevant throughout your career.

Can I go back to 42 after I have finished?

Of course! Once 42, always 42. You will return as an Alumni. The doors will always be open for you. The community will benefit greatly every time a member returns to continue advancing their knowledge and share their real-world experience.


How long does it take to complete?

We believe that each person is unique and should be able to learn at their own pace. The first part of the course, known at 42 as the Inner Circle covers your foundational learning and this takes about 1 year. Statistically, completing the full curriculum usually takes about 2-3 years (allowing for internships). But it depends on you. Some may take less than 2 (two) years, while others may need 5 (five) years. It is not a race, it is a unique pace for everyone.

Is it possible to do 42 online?

No, all students collaborate at our campus, working with their peers. An essential part of journey 42 is traced through human interaction, with physical presence through our peer- to- peer pedagogy. This interdependence that you and your peers naturally share will drag you to campus.

Can I work part-time while at 42?

Yes, you can. To be successful at 42, you will need to invest a large amount of time in your activities on campus, with many students spending about 40 hours each week on campus. Because of this, working and attending 42 at the same time can be exhausting, so keep this in mind. During the Piscine (bootcamp) you will need to be available full-time for the 28 days.

Can I stop, then restart my studies?

Although we do not recommend it, you can stop at any time. The journey at 42 requires time and dedication but we know that sometimes it is not possible to continue. Instead of simply stopping to come to campus, come and talk to the pedagogical staff to find a solution. If pausing at 42 is the best way out, this is possible. You will be welcome to continue your progress where you left off, and you have up to 1 year to return

What am I going to learn at 42?

You start by learning the fundamental programming concepts and the foundations of the C language. As you evolve, you will begin to venture into UNIX, graphic programming, and web programming. After that, the curriculum includes projects with more in-depth knowledge in several areas: Object-oriented Programming, Mobile, Functional Programming, Web Security, Reverse Engineering, Malicious Code, Kernel Programming, Network Programming, Artificial Intelligence, 3D among others. Each student’s experience is unique, as you are free to choose between numerous projects and different paths according to your interests.


Why is the selection "Bootcamp" called and Piscine or "Pool"

The word “Piscine” is the French word for “swimming pool”, meaning that everyone should jump into the water and learn to swim together while having fun. During the Piscine you will dive into programming together and learn about coding while having fun.

It is a month of immersion, everyone dives deep into new challenges each day, many are “floating”, and if they don't want to drown, you will have to learn to swim together.

What happens during a Piscine or "Pool"?

The Piscine goes for 28 days, you jump in and learn with your peers learning how to code until your hearts content. The Piscine is designed in a way to be able to test if the 42 learning model is right for you and that you have what it takes.

During the pool, you will discover the basics of programming, from scratch. There are no prerequisites of any kind: you do not need prior experience, you do not need a diploma, as long as you are over 16 years of age. The pool is extremely stressful, challenging, frustrating, fun, and very, very intense. Don't expect a break on weekends. There is no fixed number of candidates to be selected. This means that there is no competition between candidates, and anyone can be selected - as long as they learn to swim.

What happens if I dont get selected into 42 after the Piscine? Can I try again?

Not being accepted for 42 after the Piscine means that 42 might not be right for you. The Piscine is designed in a way that both you and 42 can validate if this educational model is the right fit for you. If you are not accepted for after the Piscine, we advise you to try different learning program. This is not the only way to learn to program and we can help you find a path that is right for you.

What times do I need to be available during the Piscine?

The Campus is open 24/7 so you can arrive and leave at any time you prefer. The fact that it is 24 hours does not mean that they can you at the headquarters :), but that there is more flexibility in the time of your arrival and departure, or when you wish to learn.

What happens if I want to leave during the middle of a Piscine?

No problem. Candidates are free to leave the process at any time. The pedagogical staff would only be very grateful if you shared your reasons. Who knows? Sometimes talking straight to someone about it can change your mind or we can help you find another pathway into technology that suits your needs.

Is I pass the Piscine, when do I need to start?

We will have 1 or 2 intakes into 42 each year after the Piscine or "Pool". It is best for you to start your studies with us as soon as possible, for the best results. It is much better for you if you do not interrupt your learning process.

That being said, we do not prevent you from entering later as if you know that you may not be able to start your journey right after the pool, it might be fairer to leave the place open for someone who is ready to start.


How do I apply to come to 42?

From time to time, we open registration and notify you through our website and social networks. The candidate must register and spend two games online, totaling a little more than two hours. It is important to remember that this test should not be done by cell phone, but on a computer. Not only because it takes time, but if you fall there is no way back and you can waste the chance. If you pass, you will be invited for a physical check-in to meet the staff and learn more about 42. Finally, you will cross the final frontier, the famous Piscina (pool) - an immersive training that lasts 28 days, super intensive programming that defines who becomes a lifelong member of the community 42. 42 only requires candidates to pass tests online and come to a check-in meeting before signing up for a pool.

What are the requirements to apply?

You must be over 16, know how to use the mouse and keyboard ☺.

The determination and willingness to learn cannot be lacking either.

Do I have to go to Adelaide for the selection process?

Online tests can be taken from anywhere in the world. During the Check in and the Piscine "Swimming Pool" phase, you must come to the Campus in person. This will be stepped out for you on our applications portal.

How many positions do you have avaliable per year?

We will have approximately 200 places available per year.

Do I need to know the basics in coding before appying?

No way! There is no coding experience required to be successful at 42. Globally our campus statistics tell us that about 50% of our "42 students" had no prior programming experience. And there is no evidence that those who already knew how to program do better than those who did not.

I can already code, is 42 for me?

42 offers a world-class curriculum that challenges students with projects of exponentially increasing complexity. Each problem is unique and requires you to think outside the box with your peers. Everyone, programmer or not, can find a very meaningful and rewarding path within 42


Why is it called 42?

Well, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" of course. They seek the answer to everything and, for that, builds a super-intelligent robot capable of answering any question. When questioning the robot about the meaning of life, the universe and everything, he gave thousands of years to perform the calculations and discover the answer. That answer was just that number. 42 is our answer to how the education of the future can be.

What is the history of 42?

The first 42 was École 42 in Paris, a free private programming school, opened in 2013 by Xavier Niel, a billionaire entrepreneur in the telecommunications industry. With a disruptive methodology, a model never seen and liberating philosophy, 42 achieved impressive results (100% of graduates were employed in France). Due to the great success, 42 opened a campus in Silicon Valley in 2016. Other schools around the world have partnered with 42 to offer the same experience. And so 42 | Australia was born.

Are there other 42 campuses?

Yes, we are part of a worldwide network of over 30 campuses in 20 countries, with more than 10'00 students studying across the world. 42 Adelaide is the first campus in Australia.

When will 42 Adelaide open?

The 42 Adelaide Campus opened in June of 2021 and had their first intake of students in september of the same year. If you would like to keep up to date the ongoings of 42 please follow us on our Facebook page


Is 42 free?

Yes, 100% tuition free. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to develop their talents and fulfill their dreams, regardless of their background and resources. We will not charge you anything before, during, or after your journey at 42 Adelaide. This is possible thanks to the support of our partners and sponsors. Your Diploma of Information Technology (Advanced Programming), ICT50220 is also 100% free thanks to the support of the South Australian Government's 'Skilling South Australia'* Funding Program. Eligibility Criteria Applies!

Am I entitled to a government study allowance while at 42?

If you are an Australian resident, or an eligible participant and you enrol in the Diploma of Information Technology (Advanced Programming), ICT50220 with our RTO partner Academy IT (40358) you will be eligible to receive a relevant government payment. Find out more about your entitlements on the Services Australia Website.

Is their accomodation options for me if I am from interstate?

Yes, we have a partnership with university living, who offer great prices starting from $209 per week for the 4- week Piscine. This includes:

  • Unlimited WIFI;
  • Electricity connection, Gas, Water and Telephone Line Rental;
  • Secure swipe card access to the property, apartment, and bedroom; and
  • Fully furnished apartment.
You can get in touch with them for more information on 8385 9000 and speak to Catherine.

Am I eligible to enrol in the Diploma of Information Technology Component of 42 Adelaide?

You are eligible to enrol in the Diploma of Information Technology (Advanced Programming), ICT50220, through our RTO Partner Academy IT (40238) If you are:

If you are currently on a student or work visa, you are more than welcome to study at 42, however you will be in-eligible to enrol in the accredited Diploma component of school.


How is the learning structured?

All 42 Network campuses share very similar project trees, with more than 200 projects structured on a graph we call the galaxy. When you complete a project, move on to the next one on the trail, until you can choose between different paths, to acquire different skills. Each student has their own unique experience.

How is the journey gamified?

You progress in the curriculum by completing projects and gaining experience points. With these points, you level up and unlock projects and specialization trails. You are also recognised for mastering specific skills and completing missions or contributing to the wider community. Levels range from 0 to 21.

How is the curriculum kept up to date with industry and current trends?

The original curriculum was created in 2013 by the 42 Paris team, which consists of veterans of computing and pedagogy in France. Since then it has evolved according to the cooperation of staff from Paris and other campuses, as well as companies and even students themselves, who can suggest and develop projects together with the pedagogical team

Why don't you have teachers?

42’s program is based on peer-to-peer learning, so all students work together, teach, and learn from each other. Thus, at 42 Adelaide, you’ll be a teacher and a student at the same time. You can also count on a pedagogical team that helps you guide your curriculum and ensures the school’s running smoothly.

What is peer-to-peer learning?

Peer-to-peer learning, or peer learning, is a learning model in which participants learn from each other rather than from a single teacher. This exercises critical thinking, group work, communication and a sense of community. Members also evaluate each other and learn more from each feedback given or received from their peers.

What is project based learning?

In project-based learning, students gain a deeper understanding of a subject through active exploration of real-world challenges. You learn by doing and critically evaluating the result, instead of simply following instructions and memorising.

What is a gamified program?

At 42, the progression in the program happens by obtaining points, as if it were a game. With these points, you level up and unlock new projects and learning paths. Your level defines how far you have progressed through the program, so the more points you earn, the further you get. After level 7, you enroll in your first internship and then you can start choosing your specialisation path, on your way to level 21!

Who evaulates my projects and work?

Your projects are evaluated by other students based on correction criteria pre-defined by the 42 pedagogical team. You must evaluate your colleagues’ projects yourself, so you will have to save some time to do so.

42 Cadetteship

How long is a Cadetteship

A Cadetteship goes for apprioximatley 12 months, or until the student has completed there fundamentals at 42.

What accreditated learning is the Cadetteship aligned too

42 "fundamentals", is mapped to both a Certificate IV in Information Technology, ICT40120 and a Diploma in Information Technology, (Advanced Programming), ICT50220 which will be provided by Academy IT (RTO Code 40358)

How many hours can a Cadette work in my business

To provide the Cadette adequate time to study and advance in their skill development, contracts with the employer are 24 hours per week. As students move through their studies and are performing well/ontrack , this may be increased, but will be assessed on a 1:1 basis


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