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42 Adelaide in partnership with SRA Technologies offers their successful 'Earn and Learn' cadetship program, bridging the talent gap in the technology industry.

Sustainable integration

The demand for talent in the technology industry has never been higher. With jobs on the rise and emerging talent hard to find, 42 Adelaide and SRA are bridging the gap and integrating students into the workforce while they are completing their studies.


Students from 42 will be ready for jobs in the digital industry, present and future; with skills and experience allowing them to sustainably adapt to the employment market and meet the talent demand.

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  • First For Digital Cadetships

Looking for talent?

“The talent is unbelievable. Only a couple of months in 42 and the students’ tech test scores are higher than uni grads.”

There is no shortage of job offers in the IT industry: two-thirds of our students globally are offered their first permanent position before completing their specialization. Being part of the Cadetship program gives you the first look at the emerging talent, before the students are released to the competitive job market.


To find out more about if our Cadetship program is right for your company, get in contact with us.


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