Discovery Piscine

An innovative coding program designed to engage school aged children and build lifelong skills.

The Launch of a New Era

With technology being the way of the future, schools are welcoming the integration of the Discovery Piscine into their curriculum. The Discovery Piscine is an immersive experience that gives them a taste of computer programming while completing their schooling.

  • 100% Practical

  • 100% Project Based

  • 100% Fun


Our pedagogy and curriculum is specially designed to:

  • Develop adaptation, problem solving, autonomy, self-learning, time management and organisational skills
  • Build smart human interactions, collaboration, kindness and empathy skills
  • Accelerate the learning of technical skills and building a learn to learn mindset
  • Enable our students to become creative and innovative change makers

Our model is designed so a student always has multiple ways they can learn and to progress with a new challenge building from previous skills mastered.


Pictured: Louise Nobes with teachers and students from Seaton High School.

Peer to Peer gamification learning model

The curriculum is specially designed and constantly updated to ensure we use the most up to date and industry relevant content and topics. Each project is a more complex with new techniques and skills developed to keep up motivation and progression.


A candidates progression is measured in levels and XP points as an individual and in “squads”. Each project, evaluation or achievement accomplished earns XP points and increases a level, with candidates gaining rewards and creating fun and healthy competition.


Peer to peer learning enables the students to discover different ways of doing things including different approaches to the same problem. Being able to communicate with others about what software requirements actually mean is a great skill to develop for their future.

Discovery Piscine Structure

The Discovery Piscine is broken down into smaller cells, showing what code makes up the software that is used every day, and at the same time experience peer to peer learning which is the educational model of 42. Programming involves logic, not math! This Piscine provides the student with the elementary bricks, which they then assemble into working projects.


There is always more than one solution and students are encouraged to explore different ways to solve their puzzle. Students are challenged to look for solutions that are current and would best serve each project by using the most interesting elements that they test and manipulate to create their own project.


Download our Discovery Piscine Guide below.

Discovery Piscine

The Journey

The students are placed into one of four coalitions that are much like the houses in Hogwarts. They will learn the value of team spirit, a sense of community and enjoy some fun and friendly competition. Together they earn points through collaboration delivering projects and evaluating each other.

The student learning journey is made up four stages that will cover the fundamentals including the command line, terminal and shell, as well as introducing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The students will then bring everything together in a group project where they will showcase a three page website practising all of the basics they learnt during the week.

Discovery Piscine

Stage breakdown


Stage one

The students are introduced to shell, which means they discover the terminal and the command line.


Stage two

The students will discover how a web page works and learn HTML and CSS to create a simple web page.


Stage Three

The students will discover JavaScript and JQuery and start combining this with their knowledge of HTML and CSS.


Stage 4

The students will have a group project where they all come together to put their knowledge to the test!



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