What makes 42 such a unique, innovative training course that meets the market's needs while disrupting education?

At 42, we believe in differentiation and inclusivity. The education model focuses on project-based learning and teamwork, rather than theoretical education. As we integrate the latest educational innovations, our goal is to empower the next leading generation of IT talent.


Learn to learn

42 offers a motivational and entertaining environment, anchored in the thematic of gaming, known for improving the quality of teaching and students wellbeing. After failing, you try again until you pass, just like in a video game. Projects earn Experience Points. You move along the curriculum as you pass various levels – and the skills you’ve acquired show on a personal record in the Intranet. You can even earn special achievements for special occasions and join coalitions that put you up against others in friendly competition.

The Cursus


The core curriculum: 18 months to acquire the basics

The curriculum at 42 starts with the core curriculum. This experience sets the base for minimum skills, both human and technical. Following each student’s personal pace, it lasts a maximum of 18 months and lets students learn C programming, develop simple software using classic algorithms, discover access to the file system, and learn management of the UNIX process. It also includes a simple first approach to network architecture as well as system administration. The program also offers oriented programming and a client-server project. The core curriculum is the same on each and every campus in the network 42. Once you’ve completed this part, you can join intercampus and exchange projects.


The second part: Pick your specialty, choose your pace

The second part of the curriculum tackles classical digital and programming fields such as artificial intelligence, cyber security and mobile application development. It focuses on project group work and collaboration as well as neutrality towards brands, technologies and languages in order to develop the adaptation skills of our students and help them avoid the fatal obsolescence that strikes the digital market from time to time. Students are free to pick the domains they want to explore. This helps them diversify their skills and expertise. This part of the curriculum also includes internships and occasional projects with exclusive partners, other schools and even an entrepreneurial program. It’s up to the students to decide when they stop the curriculum to become Alumni.

Life after 42 Adelaide


Throughout your studies at 42, you will develop critical skills which enable you to stay curious; stay relevant and build the confidence to try out any challenge coming your way.


There are already thousands of alumni from our 42 network around the world. So based on that, we can already give you an idea of your possible future:

  • 80% of students are offered a role after their first internship
  • Students get 3 job proposals on average during their studies
  • Final projects build you a strong portfolio of problems that companies need solved


When it comes to your future job options, the sky is the limit!


42 Adelaide also offers Cadetteship opportunities to students in a variety of industries.


Find out more about these options below:




Thanks to its innovative teaching methods, 42 is able to offer training par excellence without resorting to lectures. The pedagogical staff are available to help the students find their own solutions. In order to progress at 42, you have to work in groups, learn with the community to overcome challenges and then, share your experience with your peers. You don’t learn programming by copying algorithms on paper!


At 42, students are responsible for their own success within a 100% practical curriculum. Surpassing oneself is the only way to move forward: You can always count on the strength of the group; give and share information, as well as learn and train at the same time. This growing collective intelligence helps students understand how a professional environment works. Each party must rely on the other in order to properly complete a project.


At 42, failing is not the end. It is AN end. It’s the path to success: test a program, understand your mistakes, correct them and move forward. At 42, you are rewarded for finding your own solutions. This is not about mindlessly copying a model. Understanding is the only thing that matters, whichever path you use to reach it.


If you apply to 42, don’t expect a “knowledgeable” person to teach you anything. You have to find the answers by yourself or ask fellow students to show you and explain things that you in turn will learn and transmit to someone else. This method allows you to move forward and sharpen your skills through research, experimentation and defending your personal approach to a given problem.


In classical learning, evaluation happens at the end of the curriculum. At 42, this is when you learn the most. Peer evaluation requires students to evaluate each other’s work with the help of a grading scale established by the pedagogical staff. This system supports dialogue and allows sharing of advice that will help students move forward and seek alternative methods. There is never one specific answer at 42. There is not one single model you must reproduce and learn by heart.


In a classroom, it’s usually ill-advised to join forces or share advice in order to solve a problem. At 42, it’s the other way around. When projects get too tough to tackle, creating a group helps share different points of view. By approaching someone struggling with the same problem, you can share your thoughts and perspectives. Everyone brings something so that, together, you can understand and remember the keys to achieving a project.

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