Meet The Staff

The 42 Adelaide Team is multidisciplinary in order to meet the needs of a world-class education. The proximity and diversity of the team offers innovative solutions that are close to the concerns of students.

CEO of KIK Innovation

& Founder of 42 Adelaide

Louise Nobes

“When I first learned of 42, I believed it represented what KIK Innovation strives to achieve but at a global scale. Great minds are everywhere and 42 is ‘altruism’ brought into reality. Starting my career as a social worker and then as I moved into education, entrepreneurship, and business, I was still searching for solutions that removed some of the greatest barriers to education for disadvantaged young people. 42 is a great solution to unlocking the potential in anyone”.


Julie Browne

“Having worked in the education sector for much of my career I have witnessed the dynamic challenges that the explosion in the tech sector has had on the traditional education pathways in the sector. Industries are crying out for coding talent now and 42 Adelaide provides the solution to matching employer needs with students from all walks of life. Completely free, 42’s disruptive education model removes the barriers to education and unlocks people’s potential to be their best. I’m very proud to be associated with such an epic organisation and together with the rest of our team love to witness our students progress along the 42 pathway to become the a best tech talent in Australia and globally.”

Melinda Ho

“42 Adelaide is not just a school, it’s not just an organisation. It’s a passion and a new opportunity to bring hidden talent to the tech world and giving people the chance to make a difference in their own lives and into the future of the world we all share. I cherish every day here at 42 with the best people and the best environment.”

Deborah Pickard

“It’s been so great being part of the 42 Adelaide journey and seeing the joy people have when they get an opportunity they never thought possible. I’ve met some of the most awesome people at 42 with different stories and different reasons for being here. I can’t imagine a better way to join the tech sector.”

Garima Kumar

“As an IT and Services manager at 42 Adelaide, I am exhilarated by our capacity to empower individuals to chart their own course in the tech industry. Having personally experienced a nontraditional journey into IT, I deeply appreciate the value of 42’s distinctive learning approach. It opens up alternative pathways for students to enter the tech field that were once out of reach through conventional education methods. At 42 Adelaide, we are driven by a profound passion to discover hidden talent and provide individuals with the chance to make a significant impact on their lives while shaping the future of our shared world.”

Ben Cosford

I serve as the Personnel for Talent, Industry, and Culture at 42 Adelaide. Our school is dedicated to revolutionizing tech education, allowing individuals from all walks of life to find their way into the industry. I know firsthand the impact of this unique learning approach, as it has opened up new opportunities for many students. At 42 Adelaide, we are deeply committed to uncovering hidden talents and providing students with the chance to shape their own destinies. Our passion lies in empowering individuals to make a significant impact on their lives and contribute to the future of the tech world. Together, we are building a brighter future for all through education and nurturing the potential of every student who walks through our doors.